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WE-FAX 501 The SEAL NAUTICAL WEATHER DECODER provides reliable Weather forecast for your current area. The SEAL Nautical Weather Decoder is capable of receiving forecast messages in plain text or weather charts several days ahead, several times a day. You will never face storm unprepared again.

The received messages are automatically stored and can be printed out, displayed or uploaded to the PC at any time.

The SEAL Nautical Weather Decoder receives its forecast messages by a worldwide net of short-, medium- and long wave broadcast senders. The forecast messages can thereby be weather charts (FAX) or plain text (TELEX, RTTY, SITOR, NAVTEX).

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New Firmware

The reception of NAVTEX messages and other messages in (SITOR-B code), for example from Greece and Turkey, was improved. For example: safe identification and storing a message, and selection of “the best of three frequencies" as by telex reception (text messages from the German Weather Service, DWD). The “automatic reception procedure” (timer) was revised. An interesting novelty of DWD are the text message "Medium range weather report eastern Atlantic, time series forecast for 5 days". This message include all Waters of Ireland up to and including the Canary Islands. You will find an example HERE.
You will find the new version firmware HERE to download to your Computer. You will find a Quick Guide to install the downloaded version too.


Follow-up model of the WE-FAX501

Several highly integrated components of the WE-FAX501 are discontinued by the manufacturer. This means a redesign is needed. The WE-FAX501 has been eight years on the market - a long time for modern electronics. So a new development has been decided, but by another Project delayed. The WE-FAX501 is partly a »Software Defined Radio« (SDR). The new development will be an all over SDR - possibly with several receivers in one unit.
More detailed specifications will be published later.

2008/02/09 Sample data

To show you the sort of received data with the WE-FAX501, you will find a small collection on our website at Knowledge -> Received weather data.
These data were received in Switzerland with a long wire antenna and our WE-FAX501 Weather decoder.

2008/01/28 New website

We have cleaned and given our website a new design to increase the readability. We are now running new content and added additional interesting information about our products.

28.01.2008 New firmware

For the WE-FAX501 series we have a new firmware. This firmware fixes some small weaknesses in the WE-FAX and also has new security mechanisms to prevent the accidental overwriting the memory by a heavy glitch or similar. You will find the new version firmware HERE to download to your Computer. A detailed user quick guide is included too.